FCC Announces Robocall Enforcement Partnerships

On March 28, the FCC announced the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Attorney Generals of Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wyoming establishing formal robocall investigation partnerships with those states.  These new partnerships bring the total number of state-federal robocall partnerships to 22.

The MOU between the FCC and the states sets forth the parameters of a partnership between state robocall investigators and the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, and establishes critical information sharing and cooperation structures to investigate spoofing and robocall scam campaigns. The FCC also noted that it expanded existing MOUs in Michigan and West Virginia with robocall investigations.

According to the press release, the MOUs help facilitate relationships with other actors, including other federal agencies and robocall blocking companies, and provide support for and expertise with critical investigative tools, including subpoenas and confidential response letters from suspected robocallers.

The FCC also noted that “during investigations, both the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau and state investigators seek records, talk to witnesses, interview targets, examine consumer complaints, and take other critical steps to build a record against possible bad actors,” which “can provide critical resources for building cases and preventing duplicative efforts in protecting consumers and businesses nationwide.”

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