FTC Increases National DNC Registry Access Fees

The FTC recently announced that National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry access fees for telemarketers will increase incrementally in FY 2022.

The first five area codes will still be free to download, but the cost of accessing an additional area code will be $69 in the fiscal year 2022, which represents an increase of $3 from over current fees.  The maximum charge to any single entity for accessing all area codes nationwide will increase to $19,017 (up from $18,044 ). The fee for accessing an additional area code for a half year will increase to $35 (up from $33).  Organizations that are exempt, such as some charitable organizations, may continue to obtain the entire list for free.

All telemarketers calling consumers in the United States are required to download the numbers on the National DNC Registry to ensure they do not call consumers whose numbers are listed on the DNC.   Telemarketers must renew their subscriptions on an annual basis to continue accessing DNC numbers.

The revised fees will become effective October 1, 2021.

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