If this site or the Report Entry System goes offline: 

This website is hosted separately from the Report Entry System, and it is very unlikely that both will go offline at the same time.  If this site is  down, you can still log in to the Report Entry System and research cases and enter reports like you usually do.   Check to see if this site goes back up periodically throughout the day.  When it goes back up, clock in as usual and just leave a note in the Activity Report letting us know about the downtime.   If the site has not gone back up by the end of the day, please email your supervisor and include the cases your entered during the day in the email.

If the Report Entry System goes down, you can still enter reports by using the form below.  When you complete a report on this site, you will receive an email with a copy of the report.  When the Report Entry System goes back online, you will need to re-enter the information from the reports you prepared on this site.  Simply refer to the reports that were emailed to you (you will also need to upload the Complaint into the main system), and you can do this much more quickly.

If both sites are down, you can still log in to Pacer.  Simply research cases and phone numbers as you ordinarily would, and write them down.  When the Report Entry System goes back online, enter the reports using that information.

If you are unable to work due to a technical problem or personal issue:

If you are unable to access Pacer or any of the people search engines we use, they should not be down for long.  Keep checking back and start work when they’re back up, and let us know in your activity report.   You will still be paid for the full day.  You will not be paid for a full day if you cannot work due to problems with your computer or Internet connection.  Likewise, you will not be paid for any day you can not work due to a personal issue.